first impressions: cosrx galactomyces 95 whitening power essence

Just got this item in the post yesterday morning. So far I have used it three times.

Some observations:

  • Sticky water texture
  • Tacky upon application but absorbs and dries fast; tackiness goes away fast
  • Hasn’t made me oilier than usual
  • Hasn’t broken me out so far
  • Hydrating but just slightly; no plumpness whatsoever
  • Slightly smoothened my skin texture

Not really expecting a lot from this product, especially not at this point as it is too early. But so far I like that it adds a bit of hydration to my skin. When I woke up this morning, my skin felt smoother!

In the long run, I’m expecting this product to brighten my skin, even just slightly. I also hope it continues to improve my skin texture and hydrate my skin. The extra layer of hydration, albeit not a lot, is always welcome.

Same day update: Seems like this is making my skin oilier. I’ll keep monitoring.


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