makeup thoughts + review list

Almost 2 months since my last post! I’ve been busy with big-ish life events. But I got to try new products during that time, so there is much to write about. The last few weeks has made me think that I should really learn how to do makeup well. I’ve always been interested in cosmetics, but just was never into it as much as I am into skincare.

What makes makeup even less appealing to me is that it’s mostly hot and humid where I live. I don’t know how others survive putting on piles of makeup in this weather. It’s just too difficult. I have the oiliest and sweatiest face I know, and makeup disappearing after only a couple hours because my face is acidic and oily and this is a hot country is exasperating. Now if I only moved to a colder climate, or my face was less oily, my life would be tons easier.

But I understand more now how makeup is an art. Painting the face, mixing and matching, and making little decisions to put together a beautiful look… It’s a rewarding art process. Beneficial too cos you make yourself look better as you develop your skills.

I want it and I want to do it well.

Here’s a list of the new stuff I tried and will mini review:

  • Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector
  • RMK Liquid Foundation (not really new but I never reviewed it before)
  • Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Compact
  • Nars Orgasm in Blush
  • Essence Gel Eye Pencil Waterproof

mini review: clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel

Out of 5, I would rate this moisturiser 4.5.

I love it, but not to the point where I would say it is perfect. My problem with it is sometimes it doesn’t feel hydrating enough, and this is coming from an oily like me. For the summer, though, it’s great: light, easily absorbing, non-comedogenic, non-greasy. It even has a fruity smell.

This product is a need for me, but I always want another moisturiser on hand cos on certain nights it’s not enough. Oh, and the price is another con. To be honest, a blob goes a long way and I’ll keep buying this but I’ll always be on the lookout for something similar but cheaper as I’m sure it exists!